Creates and
clothing sets
as a real stylist
Based on artificial intelligence
and computer vision

shoppers want to see collections or recommendations of matching clothing items

would buy 1-2 items more for one purchase, seeing the appropriate style of clothing in the recommendations

want to regularly get content with personalized clothing sets for the clothes they bought

Persona recommends clothing and accessories
to customers as a real stylist

Offline in the store
The device scans visitors appearance and recommends suitable clothing sets using store assortment.
Online on the website
Persona recommends clothing sets to the product that the user is viewing
In email and app
Persona automatically forms content with clothing sets for customers for previously purchased clothes
PERSONA virtual stylist
Business gets
Customer satisfaction
Personal online stylist service meets customers expectations
Additional revenue
Additional revenue from € 6 500 per month and the ARPPU growth for 3-7% for a store attendance of 1,000 people per day or more
Personal communication
New type of personal communication that does not cause irritation
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